The Top Web & Marketing Tools that will boost your Business & your Life

The tools we do recommend to optimize the efficiency & success of your business

The Top Resources that will boost your Business & your Life

I am often asked about the tools I use in my personal and professional life.

These are the ones I am currently using.

This is not a static list but one that I will update as the internet and web marketing tools are evolving.

The toolbox to start your business

  • ​Efficient: Applications we use and advise to develop a business online 
  • Comprehensive: From Website building to Social Media Management

Top Marketing & Productivity Tools


Gain time and efficiency


Build websites & blogs


Communication strategy.

Websites design & hosting

WEMITY TAILORED : Get your website developped by our team -> click here for more information.

Cloud-based Websites design

WEMITY CLOUD : Our Wemity Cloud unique solution, develop your site easily in a few steps -> click here for more information.

LANDINGI : Build landing pages, funnels and membership sites (free 14 day trial).

SIMVOLY : Build websites, funnels, membership sites

GRAPHY : Build online courses, membership sites, training portals and live sessions, with a mobile App, with revenue collection & community.

Consult us to get tailored solutions to build your own website on our Cloud platform or have it built by our team to fit your specific needs.

Wordpress Websites design

The most complete blogging platform out there. You will find thousands of themes, plugins, and tools that work with WordPress. Best of all, it’s free.However, you will have pay for hosting, themes, and some plugins. If you use Wordpress, I also advise you to backup your website and increase security (cf section below).

WEMITY WP : Our Wemity Wordpress complete solution, develop your site easily with Wordpress and Wemity plugins -> click here for more.

OVH : OVH is great to register domains. Nowadays, OVH is based in France and provide good support.

INFOMANIAK : If you choose WordPress, you will need a hosting service. I do recommend Infomaniak. Infomaniak is perfect to host your website. They have a great support as well. Nowadays, Infomaniak is based in Switerland. To create a Wordpress site with Infomaniak, click here (web + mail hosting).

UPDRAFTPLUS : With wordpress, you definitely want to back up your blog on a regular basis. Disasters happen, and you don’t want to lose days, weeks, or years worth of content simply because you didn’t have it backed up. Turn it on and forget about it.

WORDFENCE : If you choose WordPress, Wordfence will help you preventing potential attacks to your website.

Consult us to get tailored solutions to build your own website with Wordpress with modern theme & page builder or have it built by our team.

Communication : Booking, Emailing, Form, Chat

VYTE : Smart all-in-one scheduling tool. Appointment booking page + Group scheduling + synchronisation with your Calendar + iOS mobile App.

To replace Calendly + Doodle, and others. This link will get you 10% discount.

BOOKLIKEABOSS : A super convenient way to show the essentiel of your profile and offer the possibility to book appointments or calls with you, with synchronisation of your agenda and online payments if you need, and you can add testimonials as well.

MOOSEND : Modern all-in-one email marketing tool, to help grow and nurture your mailing list with professional emails.

ENCHARGE : Modern all-in-one email marketing tool with automation, to help convert, onboard, retain your customers with emails.

PAPERFORM : To create forms, to make quizz or questionnaires or online consultation, you can send the forms as such or embed them into your site.

AIDAFORM : To create forms, to make quizz or questionnaires or online consultation, you can send it as such or embed it into your site.

SURVEYSPARROW : Build conversational surveys of any type & purpose. Identify underlying patterns, predict trends & drive impactful actions.

LANDBOT : Visual chatbot builder to create sophisticated conversational experiences for web/mobile from lead capture to engagement campaigns - no coding required.

WARMWELCOME : Personal and professional tool to communicate with your clients, via video chat bubble, interactive video or live chat on website/email.

Webinars, Visioconferences, Streaming

ZOOM : Mostly used for video conferencing. More stable than Skype and the quality is better. Great for team meetings as well as coaching calls. Requires a software installation.

VECTERA : Great professional app for one to one video conferencing. An agenda is integrated with it. And it does not require any software installation.

BELIVE : Do Streaming Live on Facebook/Youtube easily with this software where you can integrate your screen, titles, widgets and also invite guests.

MELON : Do Streaming Live on Facebook/Youtube easily with this software with features like intro/outro, titles, music + invite guests.

AIRMEET : Platform to organize online Conferences & Virtual Events.

VMIX : For Window users and live streaming & production, I recommend Vmix..

Video creation, editing & hosting

HEADLINER : Easily create videos with transcripts or audiogram or meme for podcast or social media..

INVIDEO : All-in-one online video maker with customizable templates, full video editing features, animations and brand kits. iPhone App also available.

VIMEO : I use YouTube when I want to host video for the public and for generating leads. But for hosting inside my membership sites, Vimeo is more professional.

WAVEVIDEO : Live Streaming Studio, Video Editor, Video Hosting, Video Recording, and Library combined in one platform. Great to design videos of all formats for Social Media & Marketing.

SENDSPARK : Ideal to record (you and/or screen) & share videos with CTA button, with nice preview when sharing by email or posting. Can also request videos from other people. With analytics. Build human relationships and accelerate sales with personalized video emails and messaging.

BIGVU : Video editing & Teleprompter. Script, shoot, style, and share with an all-in-one App.

Images & Graphics

VISME : Amazing modern and profesional design. Great to create presentations, books, inludes a large library of graphics, images, icons, etc.

DESIGNRR : Design of simple lead-magnets and documents, pdf ebooks. Cheap lifetime offer.

BEACON : Design of professional lead-magnets with documents, pdf ebooks, as well as libraries.

CANVA : Like VistaCreate, but some limitations regarding branding. Canva has a free version too.

PIXELIED : Create designs, branding, with template, mockups, stocks photos

STENCIL : Choose templates and edit your photos online as well as set your logos to add them easily each time. They also have more than 1,2Mio of online stock photos.

Social Media

SHORBY : Simple & convenient tool that turns any bio link into an practical micro landing page that drives traffic and conversions.

CONTENTSTUDIO : Great tool for Social Media management, to compose, publish and plan your social media posts, with Analytics, Social inbox, and content inspiration, plan posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok,... Alternatives: Hootsuite,...

POSTOPLAN : Simple social media management platform. Create content easily, quickly, and conveniently and post to multiple channels. (Be careful with Instagram as this tool may not use the official API therefore putting your account at risk, contact us for last update or promo code.)

SOCIALBEE : Social Media management platform to manage your social media accounts - create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts.


COMPANYHUB : Efficient and customizable CRM to manage contacts, informations, tasks for sales team.

TRELLO : Online tool to manage your tasks and projects. I used it in the past. I now prefer using Infinity & Nimbus to manage my information.

INFINITY : Work together with your team, store everything in one place, and organize projects with tables, calendars, columns, lists, gantt charts, forms. Online in browser + Desktop + Smartphone App.

NIMBUSNOTE : We love NimbusNote, great to win back your time by managing information & collaborating online in Nimbus. Online in your browser + Desktop App as well.

ONENOTE : Ideal to organize your notes & documents into sections, sub-sections, like an organizer. Also has a desktop App.

MINDMEISTER : Great tool for MindMapping. This will allow you to implement your strategy and project visually and clearly.

FLOWSTER : Very convenient tool to provide workflows. Makes it fast and easy to train new employees and delegate repetitive tasks to your team so you can scale your business faster.

INTEGRATELY : Integration platform with pre-made automations to automate your tasks in a few minutes.

Integrately - Integrate Your Apps In 1 Click
All-in-one Solution

VBOUT : Marketing Automation, Lead Management CRM, Email marketing, Web Pages, Social Media, Analytics

PROFI : All-in-one modern coaching platform for coaches, to organize and grow your online coaching business in one place


PCLOUD : To store and organize files and share them with family and associates. Easy backup from GoogleDrive+Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive.

NB: Swiss company with the possibility to have your data stored in Europe.

pCould is particularly interesting as it can also appear as an external disk without taking storage place on your computer, and allows immediate access.

Personal Development

PODCAST : Great to listen to podcasts while driving or doing sport. Ability to listen at faster-than-normal speeds on my smartphone.

AUDIBLE : This is the way I “read” most books; I listen to them. The Audible software is awesome. The user interface is simple and easy to use. I can listen to books at normal speed or speed them up to cover more ground faster.

KINDLE : I read ninety percent of my books on the Kindle app for iPad. I also use the desktop app on my Mac. I travel often so I try to read everything I can digitally. Plus, I like being able to store my entire library in my hand.

This document is a list of the tools often used by Wemity.

However these software companies are not part of Wemity and all requests specific to the tools that are not related to our trainings, should therefore be addressed directly to the software companies.

More Tools

AI Tools

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Best tools for small businesses, start ups and personal projects

Planning & Project design tool
Minisite, BioLinks & Link retargetting
Website WP Pro Theme
Website WP Pro Designer tool & templates
Video Design tool
Live Streaming tool
App Design tool




Best tools for companies and corporations who want to have all

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Cloud Web design,
Email Autoresponder,
Social Media Management,
Lead Magnet Design,
Document Design Automation,
AI-generated blog content,
Database, CRM,
Video marketing tool,
Interviewing tool,
Calendar booking tool
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