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Artificial Intelligence to support your Business Growth & your Personal Life

Discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence and how you can use it to be ahead of the curve.

Get simple strategies that you can implement to improve your processes, your content generation, and your daily tasks.

Coaching & Communication

Developping and managing a great team, optimize communication, with NLP and Enneagram.

Developping their Coaching & Leadership skills for maximum performance

Business Strategy, Marketing & Optimization

Developping a safe entrepreneurial strategy that will perform in challenging environment

Leveraging systems and automation to optimize and scale their online business without working more hours or hiring a huge team!

Learn MBA modelling Strategies in a day!

Growth Hacking

Structuring the growth of a company by optimizing the value chain, thanks to the modeling of the sales cycle and automation, saas, technologies, programming, virtual assistants

Client Experience & Management

Creating a MAGICAL client experience, onboarding and follow-up for optimal retention

How to charge what you’re worth and save time by creating an optimal value chain & client management system

Online Strategies & Tools to Maximize efficiency & Optimize results for Entrepreneurs

How to use today's technology & saas to optimize client experience & optimize value chain & gain time.


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Former Engineer & Investment Banker, MBA, now Management Strategy Consultant & Trainer.

Passionate by technology, I work with companies and entrepreneurs who are willing to scale their online business and optimize their performance and value chain. We lay out an optimized strategy, simplify and automate systems for these business owners so that they can fully leverage technology, to save time, drive more sales and scale their profits.


🚀 🌟 STEP INTO THE FUTURE: Unlock Your Potential with AI! 🌟 🚀

Join us on Zoom on the Xxxth of Xxxxxx at 3 PM ET for an exhilarating journey into the boundless world of AI, where the possibilities are limitless, and your potential knows no bounds!

🔎 Willing to explore the transformative power of AI chatbots (not only ChatGPT!) as well as cutting-edge imagery and video tools?

💡 This event’s objective is to inspire and equip you with the knowledge to embrace the future with AI with fun and confidence.

🌐 Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from a person who have been using AI for several fields and purposes and gain insights into real-world use cases. Elevate your understanding of AI’s impact on many areas of life and business, and share experiences.

🤝 Join us at X PM ET on Zoom and let’s unlock your full potential together with AI. The future awaits for us ;) See you there! 🚀 🌟

— This invitation was generated with AI, but we are real and we will be waiting for you 😉


Main Topics

  • Key business concepts from the largest strategy management consulting firms
  • The important phases of a MAGICAL client experience & creation of a great client management system
  • Great automation tools along the value chain | What is possible it you automate
  • How dialing in your systems will help you scale your business : optimisation and maximisation
  • Managing business & financial risks
  • If you had 1-2 advice(s) for business financial investors, what would it be ? (recurring income / diversification / optimization / Management)

Personal Topics

  • I read quite a list of experiences about you, Tell us a little about your background before getting into the online space. What kind of work were you previously doing and what made you decide to become an entrepreneur?
  • So I read that you and your husband are living in Spain and you also work together in your business. That's a lot of togetherness. How does that work?
  • You've worked behind the scenes for some high-profile entrepreneurs on their tech strategy and product launches. Without naming names, what is your favorite project you worked on? (Leading-edge consulting firm in Paris)

Completely silly question to tee up a great story.

  • You mentioned ...... How far is your office from your home ? How far is it from the beach ?
  • You are french, you live in Spain, you also work with the USA, how do you manage to run your agency & businesses remotely ?

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