The leading-edge Strategies & Technologies

to optimize your Business Growth

Gain efficiency with Automation & Artificial Intelligence


Business Strategy

Productivity & Growth

Website Design

Branding & Marketing

Saas & AI Tools

Innovation & Optimisation

Our Focus

Empowering entrepreneurs and SMBs with optimized strategy, AI-driven solutions, modern technologies, and tailored training with a human-centric approach - streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and boosting value for sustainable growth, innovation, and recurring revenues.

Strategy & Innovation

Implement a strategy & communication that is focused on value & innovation.

Website & Branding

Get the perfect site for your business with modern technology,

or get it built for you!

Growth Hacking

Implement an optimized marketing strategy and funnel, and value chain to attract and nurture your audience.

Top Strategies & Technologies for optimized results

Discover the Top Strategies & Resources that will boost your Business
  • Design your Website
  • Organize Webinars, Visionconferences
  • Optimize your marketing with great branding & design, & post simultaneously on several social media
  • Increase your productivity with integration, automation and AI technology
  • Optimize the communication with your clients with booking app, forms & email marketing
  • Get all-in-one solutions to simplify your life and have more time to focus on your business!

All-in-on Agency


Business Strategy

Business Plan & Coaching

Website & Services

Technologies, Tools & AI

Marketing & Media

Optimization & Automation

Financial Plan

Growth & Recurring income


Benefit from the Expertise of our Group

A qualified team focused on your growth:

  • Experts in AI, Technologies, Tools & Web development.
  • Coachs in Strategy, Management and Communication.
  • Consultants in Business Management Consulting graduated from the best MBA in the world, and with experience in small and large companies.


Your Own Strategy and Technology Agency

We are supporting SMBs : startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers but also medium and large size companies in their growth strategy.

Technology, Marketing, Communication, AI Innovation, Management, Strategy, all-in-one.


Tailored Business Development Strategy

Leading-edge Technologies, AI & Optimization tools, custom solutions to optimize your Business processes and value chain.

Integrately - Integrate Your Apps In 1 Click


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The Entrepreneurs & Companies who worked with us...

“I was starting my business online and Wemity helped me to clarify my Business Plan and get started with concrete Marketing strategies to get my first clients.”

Pedro Santilla

Wemity is really unique in that it works conjointly with Trainers and Coaches of AltitudesCo to bring together expertises in the Tech Consulting & Coaching world with a clear communication plan, thanks!”

Johanna Cunningham

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